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All the range of cutlery and cutlery provided by us can also be arranged as desired. You can then choose the felt color for the interior yourself and the cutlery holders will be tailored to your cutlery parts.

This form is for both the application of cutlery cases and cutlery cabinets. You do not always have to fill in all the fields of this form. For your convenience, we have already included the most common cutlery items for you in the list.

Please take a moment to fill in the form. We ask a lot of information to make the best possible quotation for you.

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Menu knives

Menu forks

Menu spoons

Table knives

Table forks

Table spoons

Dessert knives

Dessert forks

Dessert spoons

Fish knives

Fish forks

Coffee spoons

Pastry forks

Mocha spoons

Tea spoons

Fruit knives

Fruit forks

Egg spoons

Roasting fork

Roasting spoon

Butter and cheese cutlery

Butter knife

Fish cutlet

Small meat fork

Large meat fork

Pastry server

Pastry tongs

Vegetable spoon

Gourmet spoon

Cheese knife

Potato spoon

Compote spoon

Rice spoon

Whipped cream spoon

Salad cutlery (two-part)

Sauce spoon

Serving fork

Napkin rings

Pasta spoon

Pasta tongs

Soup scoop

Cake server

Cake knife

Carving cutlery

Serving spoon

Serving fork

Sugar spoon

Remaining cutlery parts