The material of a cutlery holder

The material of a cutlery holder

You might not think about it that quickly, but there is another material within the beautiful trim of cutlery holders. A kind of skeleton. The basis of the cutlery holders. Recently we have received many questions about the material from our cutlery holders and therefore an explanation about the materials in this blog. A material that is essential for quality. This material ensures the perfect shape, durability and appearance of the cutlery holders.

An example of an excellent material for cutlery holders is Abachi wood. Abachi wood is a soft white wood. It is very stable, it does not splinter and it can absorb moisture well. In our stores the cutlery holders are made for one cutlery part of this type of wood. The Abachi wood comes mainly from tropical West Africa. It is a very large tree with narrow roots and a straight cylindrical trunk. The big advantage of this wood is that it can withstand moisture very well and will not tear or distort as a result. A lot of furniture, ceiling paneling and pianos are also made from this type of wood.

Another, perhaps more familiar, type of material is Beech Wood. Beech comes mainly from Europe and is therefore also more popular in the European market and one of the most important hardwood species of industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Beech is also a fairly tall tree with a branch-free trunk. In our stores this type of wood is used for the regular cutlery holders for generally several cutlery pieces. Beech wood is a popular type of wood, because it is very bendable and almost does not splinter. Just like with Abachi wood, beech wood is widely used in furniture making. But you can of course also see this type of wood in parquet, laminate and stairs. Children's toys and handrails are also made.

Medium-Density Fiberboard, also known as MDF, is used in our stores for large serving items. This is made from very finely ground wood chips. The advantage of this type is that it is very easy to edit in various forms.

So in the end it is very important that the cutlery holders are made of good material. Abachi wood, Beech wood and MDF are examples of this. The importance of good material is, as mentioned, that it can, for example, withstand moisture well, does not splinter well, is easily bendable or can easily be produced in various forms. We always use high quality materials and therefore always sell high-quality cutlery holders.

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