Wool felt

Wool felt in 5 thicknesses

Wool felt is available in the thicknesses 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm.

1 mm wool felt is suitable for soft upholstery, cushions

2 mm wool felt is suitable for curtains and seat surfaces of furniture

3 mm wool felt is suitable for bags and covers for laptops, tablets and telephones

3-5 mm wool felt is suitable for wallcoverings

Our top quality wool felt, in contrast to felt in the thinnest version, is slightly less flexible but still very good to form. This quality is not suitable for coating our cutlery holders.

More than 75 colors

Felt is available in a large color range. In our shop, with the exception of silver gray, you will find the same colors as those of felt cloth, with the exception of dark brown. If you are interested in a different color, please contact us.

Mounting foil

For easy fixing of felt cloth and wool felt on flat and lightly formed substrates, double-sided adhesive mounting foil is a godsend. The light elastic foil is easy to apply on a flat and dust-free surface. The foil has excellent adhesion.

Wool felt

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