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Standard cutlery holders

The ideal way of storing cutlery

Every part of our cutlery storage system is carefully manufactured. Specially shaped wooden cutlery holders are used, the majority of which are made of beech wood. The cutlery holders are covered with acid-free scratch protection felt cloth to optimally protect your cutlery. Of course every cutlery item is stored separately with our system to avoid scratches. 6, 8, 9 or 12 parts can be placed in the main cutlery holders. In addition, there are many cutlery holders available for separate cutlery parts or for double fastening.

Easy to place yourself

Setting up a cutlery drawer with these cutlery holders is easy. Take a thin panel of board or plywood that is slightly smaller than your drawer. Cut custom-made felt to size and cover the panel and place it in a drawer. Place the cutlery holders with cutlery in the drawer to make the most suitable layout. ATTENTION: it is best to place the holders against the sliding direction, this will prevent the cutlery of any slipping out of the holders. Then remove the paper from the adhesive layer under the cutlery holders and press them into the desired location. That's all. When all cutlery holders are placed, place the cutlery pieces and protect them with the cover. This way your cutlery stays in optimal condition for the next use. (The cover is not necessary for steel cutlery.)

Different types of holders

There are different types of cutlery holders. Most cutlery fits in the standard cutlery holders from the A and B series. You will find an overview of the most common cutlery series here.

A series

Luxury double holders.

B series

Single holders and simple double holders

Other series

For special specifications

We like to help you

If you need help with putting together and selecting the right cutlery holders, you can easily have us compose an overview with our information form.

Cutlery holders

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