The ideal way to store cutlery

Every part of our cutlery storage system is carefully manufactured. Specially shaped wooden cutlery holders are used, the majority of which are made of beech wood. The cutlery holders are covered with acid-free scratch-resistant felt cloth to optimally protect your cutlery. Of course every cutlery item is stored separately with our system to prevent scratches. 6, 8, 9 or 12 parts can be placed in the most important cutlery holders. In addition, there are many cutlery holders for loose cutlery parts or for double attachment available.

Setting up a cutlery drawer with these cutlery holders is easy. Cut self-adhesive felt to size and stick it in a drawer. Place the cutlery holders with cutlery in the drawer to make the most suitable layout. ATTENTION: it is best to place the holders against the sliding direction, this will prevent the cutlery from sliding out of the holders. Then remove the paper from the adhesive layer under the cutlery holders and press them in the desired location. That's all. When all cutlery holders are placed, place the cutlery parts and protect them with the drape. This keeps your cutlery in optimum condition for the next use. (With steel cutlery, the cover cloth is not necessary.)

Different types of cutlery holders

There are different types of cutlery holders. Most cutlery fits in the standard cutlery holders from the A and B series.

Need help?

If you need help with compiling and choosing the right cutlery holders, you can easily have an overview put together by us using our contact form.

All cutlery holders are available in seven colors.

The right cutlery holders?

Not sure whether you need the standard holders or special holders for your cutlery? Look in the list if your specifications are there.

This is how you look for a holder

Use the filters on the left of the screen or above the products for tablet or mobile to select the desired holders.

Choose the desired Color, Number of cutlery parts that should fit in the holder and For which cutlery parts the holder should be suitable.

Finally choose the Model. Most cutlery fits in the standard holders. Cutlery up to 4 mm thick can be placed in the standard forks and spoons holders. The B-series consists of the single holders and the simple double holders for knives where the knives are supported at two places by the holders. The A-series contains the luxury double holders, in which the cutlery parts are always placed between two holders.

For cutlery with thicker handles, choose holders from the special series. The heart thickness for the spoons and forks is 4.5 mm at the maximum in the C series, 5 mm at the F series and 5.5 mm at the I series. cutlery with round handles fall in the P series and V series, the R series is for handles with a diameter up to 22 mm.

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