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Wool felt: The protection of all your cutlery

Many questions are always asked about how the cutlery is perfectly protected by our products. This blog will explain which material optimally protects your cutlery holders. This material is namely wool felt; this felt protects the cutlery from scratches, it is acid-free and very flexible.

When purchasing cutlery holders, it is of course expected that the cutlery holders protect the cutlery optimally. The same applies to the purchase of self-adhesive felt. Wool felt is the ultimate material that offers this protection. Your cutlery will therefore remain in the highest condition. This wool felt (0.85 mm) is the basis for the self-adhesive felt and the covering of the cutlery holders, drawer interiors and the inside of the wrap bags of, and

Felt is a non-woven type of textile in which the fibers are intertwined. Furthermore, felt is probably the first textile form that man made. Because the felt is made of wool, it is naturally dirt-repellent and non-flammable. The vast majority of the wool comes from South America and Southern Europe. Before the wool ends up in the production process, it is first washed. In the process, the fibers are detached from the wool and placed at right angles to each other. The required thickness is achieved by pushing or pulling on the intermediate product. It is then felted with steam, natural soap and friction. After this it will be dyed and dried to finally shave off the hairs and reach the smooth end product. Furthermore, the felt from, and is very unique, because it is acid-free. This prevents the deposit on your cutlery when you use a drape or wrap bag. The wool felt also prevents scratches from appearing on the cutlery. All this together makes it the perfect cover for cutlery holders.

In addition to covering cutlery holders, the wool felt is also used for the self-adhesive felt of, and Aspects such as acid-free, anti-scale and scratch-free, as described above, make the wool felt perfect for covering cupboard furnishings. In addition to these qualities, our felt fabric is also particularly flexible. This makes it possible to cover many shapes with the self-adhesive felt from, and

It can be seen that wool felt offers excellent quality for covering cutlery holders and cupboard fittings. The wool felt offers great protection for your cutlery and because it is also extremely flexible, almost everything can be covered with it.